STOP!!! IF YOU’VE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO SEND MONEY THROUGH A BITCOIN ATM MACHINE, YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED!! Did you receive a phone call from the IRS, Social Security or any other government agency claiming you owe money to the government? Or maybe someone claiming to be a family member needing you to send money because they’re incarcerated or need to pay a TAX BILL?  If so, hang up the phone and leave this machine immediately. No agency will ever call you for payment!!! Ever!!! These scammers are very convincing and intelligent. They’re disguising their phone numbers and impersonating police officers! Once you follow their instructions and send bitcoin, IT CANNOT BE RECOVERED. Bitcoin is not legal tender therefore not backed by the government; we are not a financial institution and can not ensure funds retrieval once your transaction is complete. Do not send bitcoin to anyone’s wallet but your own. By using this machine you are obligated to comply with this term as it would be a breach of usage terms and you will be banned from the machine.