Importance of Financial Independence

Financial independence is extremely important if you want to live a free, unrestricted life. There are many advantages that come with financial independence, such as the freedom of choice, control over your own time, and security in times of worry of disarray. In economic crises, the people who suffer the most are those who still rely on others financially and don’t have economic security. 


Choice is one of the greatest luxuries in life, and the ability to choose what you want to do on any given day can only be achieved through financial independence. Instead of following the orders of a boss or client, you can pursue the things that actually make you happy and fulfilled. You don’t have to work 40 hours a week but can choose to work as much or as little as you want. You can travel, start a new hobby, or do any of the things from which you were restricted because of your job. 


During the 2008 recession, people all over the world lost their jobs and their careers. With another recession looming in the near future, it is vital that you achieve financial independence so that doesn’t happen to you. If you have control over your own financial security, you don’t have to worry about economic crises and catastrophes ruining you. You shouldn’t have to rely on others as that can only lead to bad things in times of disarray. 

Another benefit of financial independence can be seen in times of personal emergency. If you become sick, get in an accident, or have to do any other unexpected thing in your life, financial independence can be a massive support. This requires careful budgeting and planning for the future, which is an important aspect of being financially independent. You should always know your financial limits, and that will prepare you for the best and worst of times. 

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